Name V-Grooved-Glasses

V-Grooved-Glasses Sil Mirror Pvt Ltd is a world leader in v-grooving capabilities and is completely self-sufficient for v-grooving glass panels for doors, windows and architectural applications; Sil Mirror Pvt Ltd is the largest capacity v-groove manufacturer in South Ondia, and possibly in India. We hold several best technology in v-groove technologies.


We now offer decorative V-groove glass. These V-grooves are typically cut into full view glass doors where a decorative accent is desired. However, the V-groove can also be cut into other glass sizes where glass is replacing a wood panel in any of our door designs. Shown below are the V-groove options available. V-Groove is cut into the glass using an innovative technique that is like using a chisel on wood. The first pass, called a grind, creates a textured opaque finish. It can be left like this or put through a second pass, or a polish, which creates a smooth clear finish. Or you can combine a wide grind with a narrower polish to create a shadow


THE ADVANTAGES OF V-Grooved-Glasses:


· Does Engraving will change the look of any glass or mirror

· Any shape, curve or angle.

· Different finishes give different looks.

· Unlimited design possibilities.

· Create functional benefits.