Name Bevelled-Glasses

Bevelled-Glasses Beveled glass is usually made by taking one-quarter inch-thick clear glass and creating a one-inch bevel on one side around the entire periphery. These bevels act as prisms in the sunlight creating an interesting color diffraction which both highlights the glasswork and provides a spectrum of colors which would ordinarily be absent in clear float glass.


Sil Mirror Pvt Ltd provides windows, entries, sidelights and other panels in many styles. We can create custom designs and incorporate custom elements such as bevels, jewels and hot glass elements.
We collaborate with Individual homeowners as well as Fine Homebuilders, Architects and Interior Designers to create just the right products.




· No BEVELLED GLASS has been used extensively in (often for non-pictorial windows) and for decorative glass in domestic and commercial buildings

· It lets in light while reducing visibility and is an inexpensive

· useful and decorative material

· While it doesn't have the richness and versatility of hand-blown glass, it has been used successfully for the creation of modern stained-glass windows in which the texture of the glass is treated